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Helport AI’s Partnership with Metacom Unveils Groundbreaking Innovations at Grand Business and Product Launch Event

Jan 25, 2024 | Home Page News, Management

Abstract: Helport AI’s grand launch event in Singapore showcases innovative AI solutions for customer services and sales, delivering human talent enhancement and setting new industry standards, as endorsed by Metacom’s CEO and other industry leaders.

In a defining moment at the heart of Singapore’s tech innovation scene, the stage was set at Suntec Tower 2 for the unveiling of Helport’s advanced AI enterprise applications. The event marked a milestone for Helport AI, showcasing their ambition to become a global leader in Real-time Al Assist Software for Customer Contact Teams.

Metacom CEO AJ Ramirez Showcases Helport AI’s AI Impact in Keynote Speech at Grand Launch Event

The highlight of the event was the inspiring testimonial speech by AJ Ramirez, CEO of Metacom, a Philippines-based staffing service and BPO company known for its innovative approach. Ramirez shared his transformative experience with Helport AI addressing the key challenges faced by Metacom such as revenue generation, consistent agent performance, and effective operation management system.

Through its partnership with Helport AI, Metacom predicted significant improvements, including a 40% reduction in training time, a leap to 99% quality scores within the first production week, and a 50% decrease in agent handling time, proof of Helport AI’s ability to provide real-time guidance and oversight.

The success story didn’t end there. The software’s intuitive design allowed for a 50% decrease in the onboarding process, with a seamless transition from traditional and manual BPO methods to Helport AI. This leap was achieved in a mere 5 days, setting a new industry standard. 

Moving forward, Helport AI is set to collaborate closely with Metacom, maintaining a continuous focus on transforming new agents into proficient, AI-enhanced professionals. This partnership is poised to significantly meet the dynamic demands of upstream companies seeking scalable BPO services. By harnessing AI, Helport AI anticipates a substantial reduction in operational costs and an increase in efficiency, enabling businesses to rapidly adapt to shifts in the global market. Helport AI aims to bridge the gap between these companies and premier AI-enabled BPO providers, streamlining business operations and mitigating the challenges associated with agent turnover.


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