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Insurance AI Solutions

An insurance company frequently faces the following challenges:

Long Training Time

Extensive periods required to fully train agents, delaying their active engagement with customers.

Inefficient Sales Process

Unfamiliar with different bundle pricing options. Unable to capture upsell/cross-sell opportunities.

Complex Policy

Difficulty in explaining the nuances of complex policies, leading to customer confusion and dissatisfaction.

Ineffective Loss Prevention

Agents lack knowledge to offer alternatives and explain downsides of switching carriers.

Selling Insurance more professionally with AI-Powered Helport Assist

Integrating Helport Assist in the real estate industry empowered agents with the necessary skills and knowledge, leading to improved customer satisfaction, reduced operational challenges, and increased revenue through more efficient and informed service delivery.

Game Changing Results

After the deployment of Helport Assist:


Reduction in training time for insurance support and sales agents.


Increase in sales of complex policies and add-ons, as agents could more confidently and accurately handle inquiries and sales.


Growth in Revenue from Upselling/Cross-Selling


Improvement in customer satisfaction due to more accurate, timely, and personalized service.


Reduction in agent turnover, enhancing staff morale and retaining experienced personnel from improved training tools.


Reduction in customer waiting time

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Real-Time Conversation Assistance

Elevate your customer conversation with Helport AI assistant.

100% Remote 

Comprehensive management suite with 100% remote management capability and automated quality inspection with AI.

Hire AI-Enabled Agents

Easily scale your business to meet changing demands with our 1000+ AI-enabled professional agents across the globe for only $1000/ month.


To tackle inconsistencies in information and frequent errors, Helport offers solutions like accurate information delivery and reduced response times.


To overcome prolonged training periods and skill gaps in handling complex policies, Helport offers solutions like streamlined training and enhanced policy sales.


To improve digital service response capabilities and reduce repetitive inquiries, Helport offers solutions like efficient live chat and accurate information delivery.

Wealth Management

To enhance personalized service and manage emotionally sensitive client interactions, Helport offers solutions like tailored advice and improved client satisfaction.


To address inefficient customer interactions and inconsistent service quality, Helport provides solutions like faster response times and improved agent confidence.

Real Estate

To manage insufficient market knowledge and legal complexities, Helport offers solutions like real-time market analysis and improved legal compliance.