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Helport CEO Li Guanghai Discusses the Future of AI in Enhancing Human Productivity and Potential

Mar 17, 2024 | Home Page News, Management

One-sentence abstract: Discover Helport CEO Li Guanghai’s perspective on the symbiotic relationship between humans and artificial intelligence (AI) in the workplace in an exclusive interview with Yajush Gupta for Dynamic Business


March 13, 2024 — In an enlightening interview with Yajush Gupta for Dynamic Business, a leading business news website, Li Guanghai, CEO of Helport, shared profound insights on the symbiotic relationship between humans and artificial intelligence (AI) in the workplace. Under the theme "Human and AI: How can we find the winning pair?", Li emphasized the transformative role AI plays as a catalyst in augmenting human capabilities and productivity.

Helport, renowned for its pioneering utilization of AI in customer communications across diverse industries, envisions a future wherein AI serves as a formidable aide to humanity. "AI’s core purpose is to be humanity’s powerful assistant, by amplifying productivity and human potential," Li stated, outlining Helport’s mission to democratize AI technology for every organization and individual. This vision aims at enabling efficient customer communication universally, irrespective of the business size, person, time, or place.


Highlighting Helport’s success in enchanting customer communication, Li detailed how the company has pioneered the integration of AI to work in concert with human skills. By automating routine tasks, AI serves as an intuitive partner during calls and interactions, thus allowing agents to focus on more critical aspects of their roles. This strategy not only enhances operational efficiency but also elevates the quality of customer service, leading to unprecedented levels of satisfaction and notable sales growth.

Li also pointed out the significance of AI in providing data-driven feedback for contact center managers. This aspect of AI application has been crucial in offering teams actionable insights for timely and even real-time improvement, further underscoring the pivotal role of AI in refining and advancing business processes.

As AI technology continues to evolve, Helport remains committed to its mission of harnessing its potential to benefit humanity. "While we have found our winning pair, we continue to work closely with our clients to refine and improve this process as AI technology grows in sophistication," Li remarked, indicating the company’s forward-looking approach in adapting to and shaping future technological landscapes.

Helport’s efforts underscore a broader industry trend where businesses are increasingly turning to AI not just as a tool for efficiency, but as a strategic partner capable of unlocking new levels of human potential and business success.


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